I wrote the intro below a long time ago, and it feels pretty goofy to read back now. But the basic info is still the same. After many years, I actually did get a couple free samples from a tea seller (thus the minor resurgence in the blog), and as noted, my thoughts on it are honest. that was easy, since it was good tea.

The 16-month old son is now 7, and my wife and I now also have a daughter who is about a year-and-a-half old. I only drink whiskey occasionally anymore, though I do still enjoy it. I still hike, I still run a little, and I still like cryptography/cryptanalysis and number theory, but have very little free time for that kind of stuff.

Scotch Drammer is dormant these days, but still has some great reads (I am probably overly proud of my "Cheap Scotch" series, born mostly out of boredom and economics, but I still think it's funny).

And Mark is still churning along with his beer blog, plus has a generalist blog that often touches on old movies and sci-fi.

So, there you have it. Brew yourself up a nice cup of tea, and enjoy. But not for too long, get outside and see the sun and some trees, it's better for you than the internet any day.

Old Intro (circa 2012)

About Tempest in a Teacup

Why blog about tea?  Isn't tea boring and for old ladies?  Isn't that a lame name for a blog?

I think that the world of tea is huge, varied, and interesting, and I like to write.  Really, all this stuff probably amounts to little more than our tasting notes and a bit of tea history or trivia, but hey, the blog does get occasional hits beyond my two loyal readers (who also contribute here from time to time!).  I enjoy comments, even if it's just "This entry sucks," since then at least I know someone is reading it.  I make no money from this blog, and though I would love it if tea sellers or blenders would send me free samples to review, under no condition would I do so in exchange for a review that was anything less than my honest appraisal.

Old ladies do like tea, but so do many other people.

And yes, Tempest in a Teacup is kind of lame for a title, but it was the best I could come up with, and now I'm stuck with it/don't care anymore.  Start your own tea blog with a better name.

About Me

My name is Padraic (an Irish Gaelic spelling of Patrick), and I live in a very quiet, peaceful area in Northeastern Connecticut.  I'm married, with a little boy (currently sixteen months old, and the reason I post rather infrequently right now).  Interests outside of tea include hiking, running, chasing my toddler about, Scotch, bourbon, wine (especially port and sherry these days), brandy/cognac, number theory, cryptography, cheese, and proper use of the Oxford comma.

You may also see posts from Jacob, a good friend who runs the excellent Scotch Drammer site, and is kind enough to let me yammer on over there too occasionally. And we did a series of guest posts by Mark, who runs the entertaining and prolific Kaedrin Beer Blog.

I can be reached by blog comment or email at phagan55@gmail.com.  Questions, comments, and especially free samples to review are all welcome.  Spam is not.