About Tempest in a Teacup

Why blog about tea?  Isn't tea boring and for old ladies?  Isn't that a lame name for a blog?

I think that the world of tea is huge, varied, and interesting, and I like to write.  Really, all this stuff probably amounts to little more than our tasting notes and a bit of tea history or trivia, but hey, the blog does get occasional hits beyond my two loyal readers (who also contribute here from time to time!).  I enjoy comments, even if it's just "This entry sucks," since then at least I know someone is reading it.  I make no money from this blog, and though I would love it if tea sellers or blenders would send me free samples to review, under no condition would I do so in exchange for a review that was anything less than my honest appraisal.

Old ladies do like tea, but so do many other people.

And yes, Tempest in a Teacup is kind of lame for a title, but it was the best I could come up with, and now I'm stuck with it/don't care anymore.  Start your own tea blog with a better name.

About Me

My name is Padraic (an Irish Gaelic spelling of Patrick), and I live in a very quiet, peaceful area in Northeastern Connecticut.  I'm married, with a little boy (currently sixteen months old, and the reason I post rather infrequently right now).  Interests outside of tea include hiking, running, chasing my toddler about, Scotch, bourbon, wine (especially port and sherry these days), brandy/cognac, number theory, cryptography, cheese, and proper use of the Oxford comma.

You may also see posts from Jacob, a good friend who runs the excellent Scotch Drammer site, and is kind enough to let me yammer on over there too occasionally. And we did a series of guest posts by Mark, who runs the entertaining and prolific Kaedrin Beer Blog.

I can be reached by blog comment or email at phagan55@gmail.com.  Questions, comments, and especially free samples to review are all welcome.  Spam is not.